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Chili Dog


A 1/4 lb. dog with mustard, chili, onions, pickle chips.

Hot Dog Toppings:Shredded Cheese +$0.75American Cheese +$0.75Nacho Cheese +$1.25Jalapeños +$0.50Extra Chili +$1Sauerkraut +$1.25Ranch Dressing +$0.67Minced Garlic +$1
Make It A Meal (Optional):Coke & Fries +$3Diet Coke & Fries +$3Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea & Fries +$3Dr. Pepper & Fries +$3Root Beer & Fries +$3Chocolate Milk & Fries +$3Milk & Fries +$3Water & Fries +$3Bud Light & Fries +$3.50Coors Light & Fries +$3.50Kona Longboard & Fries +$4.50Pacifico & Fries +$4.50Stella Artois & Fries +$4.50Widmer Bros Hefe & Fries +$4.50

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